Boy looking at university.

Goodbye, Admin.

The Audaxi Suite is designed to integrate and streamline the thousand-and-one things that a modern institution can throw at you. Whether you are a student or a lecturer, an administrator or a senior manager, the Audaxi Suite gets you back to doing what matters most to you. Quickly.

All In One Place.

Tracking events, report making, class attendance lists, enrolment status, marks and grades, writing and research tools, supervision management... Think of the possibilities if you could only put it all under one roof and made it customisable to individual needs? We thought about that, too — then we built it.

Lots of books.
Calculator and books.

Evidence Driven.

The Audaxi Suite is built on educational research and best practice from the best theorists and thinkers in the business, combined with our 30+ years experience in tertiary settings. But we haven't stopped there. We continually put our work to the test — so that you get the best.

At Audaxi, we want a learning management system that is:

  • User Centric

  • Built Around Your Tasks

  • Always With You, Where Ever You Are

  • For Learners And Learning

  • Helping You Learn Throughout Your Life

  • Made With Love

Let us help you find a plan.

We'll help you find a plan and price that suits you. You'll have the option to choose from:

  • Access anywhere, anytime FREE
  • Unlimited sharing FREE
  • Real-time analytics
  • Event tracking
  • Resume builder
  • Fast, reliable tech support
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